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What’s a Legend?

A Legend is Consonus’ most prestigious award. It’s given to employees who make a defining act in a defining moment, outside of their normal responsibilities or workday. Every Consonus Legend sets an exhilarating example, and forces each of us to ask ourselves, “In the same situation, would I have done that?” And Legends inspire us to always answer yes.

What makes a Legend?

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A Legend acts instinctively, doing whatever is needed without looking at a clock or job description.

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A Legend is selfless, offering their talents and energy unconditionally in the service of others.

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A Legend cares deeply about those they serve or work with, and will do anything to make life better for them.

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A Legend doesn’t seek recognition or reward—and in fact is probably a little embarrassed by it.

Meet the Legends

They went above and beyond—making a defining act in a defining moment.

Joel Camp

It’s not like Joel Camp didn’t have other important things to do. As the Consonus rehab director at Stafford Healthcare in Port Orchard, Wash., he already had plenty of urgent responsibilities vying for his constant attention.

But he had an idea—to take ten pandemic-weary facility residents to a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game. He spearheaded fundraising efforts. He inspired his rehab team and other staff to help. He made the whole thing happen, even investing personal time, then turned it into a yearly tradition.

And the joy he brought with his above-and-beyond efforts earned him not only widespread admiration and respect, but a well-deserved Consonus Legend award.

For Joel, the best part was getting on the bus with the residents on the day of the event. “You could see how excited they were, like little kids on a field trip,” he said. “They were so engaged and having fun. Many of them hadn’t been to a game in years.”

“The residents just loved getting out into the community for the first time in a long time, said therapist Melinda Bortolazzo, herself a former Legend award winner. “It brought so much happiness to their lives.”

“A year later, they’re still talking about it, and asking when they can go again,” added Hana Singer, another therapist and former Legend.

Not only did the outing bring a spark to those they serve, but it enhanced the sense of camaraderie and connection between the rehab team and other staff. “You can see Joel loves his job, and he’s a real positive presence in this facility,” said Denise Arthur, director of nursing.

“Joel is an example of how incredibly caring our therapists are, and their unselfish commitment to their coworkers and residents,” said John Pauley, Northwest regional vice-president for Consonus, speaking at the surprise presentation of the Legend award. “He exemplifies our culture.”

Neil Marshall

Since Consonus Pharmacy president Neil Marshall joined the company in 2010, he has been instrumental in helping make the operation one of the finest and most respected independent long-term care pharmacies in the nation. To say he’s a Legend is to vastly understate his leadership and influence, and his contribution has never been greater than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the Operation Warp speed initiative was created by federal agencies to deploy newly developed vaccines quickly and safely to the most vulnerable Americans, the government initially embraced a retail model, and contracted with two large pharmacy chains to administer vaccinations. In a defining moment not only for Consonus but for the profession, Neil knew this “one size fits all” approach would never work for senior care facilities and the seniors they served. So he worked tirelessly to advocate at a national level for the inclusion of independent pharmacies.

Under his leadership, Consonus was chosen by the Department of Health and Human Services as one of a very few long-term care pharmacies to develop and deploy a vaccine program. It quickly moved ahead of the retail entities by several weeks to become one of the first to begin giving shots to senior care residents. Over the time since that first Consonus vaccination, the company has been recognized by industry partners and public agencies alike, which stands as a testament to Neil’s leadership at this critical time.

“There are so many reasons to recognize Neil and the profound impact he has had on our company and on all of us,” said Laurie Schadegg Thomas, Chief Operating Officer. “But through the continuing vaccination campaign, Consonus has likely helped save the lives of hundreds of seniors and care staff, and that effort would simply not have been possible without his constant perseverance and guidance.”

  • Rehab Director Natosha Cook
  • Natosha Cook receives her legend award.
  • Natosha Cook poses with coworkers and leadership.

Natosha Cook

When a devastating COVID-19 outbreak swept through Silver Bluff Village, a senior care campus in Canton, North Carolina, in July of 2020, administrator Lisa Leatherwood faced a daunting set of unprecedented challenges. “It was like the perfect storm,” she recalled.

Many employees fell ill, and fear drove others to exit the profession entirely, creating a dire shortage of available staff to provide critical resident care. Personal protective equipment was in short supply, testing was slow, morale was low and vaccines were still many months from approval.

Seeing the difficulties facing the facility, Consonus rehab director Natosha Cook, who has worked at Silver Bluff for more than 20 years, took it on herself to mobilize her team to help the care staff. As the pandemic had put a pause on most resident therapy, she and her colleagues quickly stepped into nurse assistant roles, taking vitals, refilling supplies and doing whatever else was needed.

Besides being the driving force in the support effort, Natosha worked night and graveyard shifts at the facility, side by side with other caregivers. As most visitation was restricted, she took it on herself to serve as a surrogate family member in a time of great loneliness and isolation. She even sat through many nights at the bedsides of dying residents, holding their hands as they passed away.

At the outdoor ceremony honoring Natosha with the Legend award, Consonus area director David Daub spoke about her contribution. “She does not look for recognition, attention or credit,” he said. “She quietly goes to work every day, without complaint, to support her residents and co-workers.”

“What she did was invaluable, and I don’t know what we would have done without her help,” said Leatherwood. “Natosha, nobody deserves this Legend award more than you.”

Laura Foster

More than 50,000 shots were given In Phase One of the Consonus Pharmacy Road to Recovery vaccination campaign—and no one administered more of them than our latest Legend, Laura Foster.

Laura is Corporate Director of Wellness at Village Concepts Retirement Communities, a Consonus Pharmacy customer. While she may not be a Consonus employee on paper, she worked tirelessly alongside the pharmacy team, and was integral to the successful effort.

With 2,133 vaccinations personally administered, Laura was the top vaccinator of anyone in all the states Consonus serves. Her contribution was monumental, and her nomination celebrates the team effort that was required of pharmacy staff and facility partners.

With COVID-19 restrictions still in effect when Laura received her award, naturally the surprise ceremony happened on Zoom. “We’re so thankful and proud of you, and we want to thank you for everything you’ve done,” said Teri Ferreira, Vice President of Operations for Consonus’ Western Region.

“It was the least we could do,” added Beth Biggs, Vice President of Client Care. “This is one of the highest honors our company gives.”

“Not that I recommend having a pandemic every year,” said Laura, still a bit overwhelmed by the honor, “but I’ve loved working with each of you to help our communities and residents.”

Jenny Moreland

“Sometimes being chosen as a Marquis Legend is about one amazing act in a particular moment of urgent need. But for Jenny Moreland, rehab director at Marquis Oregon City, it meant surmounting many daunting obstacles over the course of more than a year, and making a huge impact when many would have given up.

2020 will long be remembered for its unprecedented challenges, but few experienced it like Jenny did. As the year began, she continued seeing a full caseload of patients even while receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer, and never missed a scheduled work day. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the facility and therapy time was drastically curtailed, she volunteered to be placed on under-employment status so other members of her team wouldn’t be furloughed.

After Jenny returned to work in July, the next crisis came in the form of the deadly Oregon wildfires that swept the state. Even as her own community was threatened, Jenny still stepped up to be part of the team implementing evacuation protocols, and helped prepare her facility to receive evacuees from another Marquis location.

When fall finally came, it brought with it the good news that Jenny’s cancer was in remission. But as 2020 drew to a close, one more challenge arose to test her resilience—she contracted COVID-19. Naturally, she continued to meet work demands throughout her recovery, overcoming even a deadly virus while still far exceeding what was expected of her.

Through everything she faced in 2020 and beyond, Jenny maintained a stunning level of positivity and grace, inspiring everyone who crossed her path. From cancer to COVID and every obstacle in between, she demonstrated her love for patients, colleagues and family—and in the process, became a Legend.

  • Anne Marie Mentis receives her legend award.
  • Anne Marie Mentis poses with coworkers and leadership.

Ann Marie Mentis

When Ann Marie Mentis came to work that February day, it was snowing hard. But even a severe winter storm couldn’t keep her from going the extra mile for her patients and co-workers.

Ann Marie is an occupational therapist at Parkshore Retirement Community, a Consonus Rehab customer facility in Seattle, Wash. She hadn’t even clocked in yet when she noticed several independent residents getting ready to take their dogs out for a walk on sidewalks uncleared and unsafe. So she immediately took it on herself to do that for them.

After returning the dogs and heading upstairs, she quickly noticed that the skilled floor was short staffed, as several employees had been unable to navigate the bad roads. Seeing that two of the nursing assistants had worked 12 hour shifts and were exhausted, Ann Marie rolled up her sleeves and jumped right in without hesitation to help residents with things like dressing, toileting and other urgent needs.

Once those tasks were done, she volunteered to drive one of the nursing assistants home in the snow, and also offered to pick up other staff on her way back. Then even after finishing what must have been a tiring series of selfless acts, she still worked cheerfully and effectively with all her rehab patients, and completed her therapy schedule without missing a step.

From dog walking to impromptu caregiving to chauffeuring in the midst of the storm, Ann Marie exemplified a Legend that day. “She just wanted to do the right thing and be a good partner to our building,” said Jessica Taber, her rehab director. “She went above and beyond the call of duty, and I know the residents and staff she helped are sincerely grateful. I’m so happy to have her on our team.”

Nothing says more about the culture of Marquis and Consonus than our Legends and Ambassadors programs. It’s a privilege to celebrate those who go above and beyond for the people we serve, or who have demonstrated incredible loyalty and commitment over many years. I’m honored to honor each of them.”
— Phil Fogg, Jr.

Meet the Ambassadors

Consonus honors long-term employees who have reached significant milestones with the company, and demonstrated incredible loyalty to their co-workers and those they serve. Recognition begins at 10 years, and Ambassadors are celebrated at an annual Legends and Ambassadors event.

10 Years

  • Arnel Troy Asuncion
  • Benjamin Wood
  • Brenda Smith
  • Darrin Estep
  • Evonna Leyendekker
  • Jana Kirchner
  • Johannah Senn
  • Laura Abey
  • Minda Raquipiso
  • Nicole Fett
  • Sarah Shearer-Smith
  • Tracy Policar

15 Years

  • Barbara Vaughan
  • Brad Cox
  • Jodie Capell
  • Josephine Galon
  • Mari Pace
  • Mary Stewart
  • Rhonda Madigan
  • Stephanie Grosul
  • Todd Elliott
  • Tricia Cabrera

20 Years

  • Cherie Vincent
  • Joycelyn Oribello
  • Julie Hughes
  • Lori Taylor
  • Patricia Kume
  • Richard Jones

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