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Invested in Your Growth and Success

When you choose to join us at Consonus Pharmacy, you can count on one thing for certain—we’ll be taking a very intentional interest in your growth and long-term career goals, and will make sure you have access to every opportunity. We believe that by nurturing your professional dreams and passions, you’ll provide even better service to our customers, and will be ideally suited in the future for higher level positions and responsibility.

Our leaders are exceptional at identifying strengths and investing in potential through internally-designed programs like Rise and Ascend. In fact, many of them benefited from the mentorship and training they themselves received, and have now worked their way up to the highest levels of the organization.

Your Journey Starts Here

Consonus is one of the few companies that offers internal programs for development to give our employees access to the people, technologies and pathways that will prepare them to maximize their strengths. For example, we offer opportunities even for non-licensed pharmacy staff to hold leadership positions, and prefer to grow our leaders from within. There are plenty of intriguing possibilities in all pharmacy locations, if you’re willing to simply take advantage of the myriad ways we’ll help you succeed.

Consonus is committed to working with schools of pharmacy in the states in which we operate to develop excellent pharmacists through internships for both pre-pharmacy and pharmacy students as well as precepting IPPE and APPE experiential programs. By applying for internship positions at Consonus, candidates are able to continue their learning experience during the school year and summer, and prepare for a possible position on our pharmacist team after graduation.

Consonus also participates in several technician externship programs, which help the technician develop the skills necessary to work in long-term care pharmacy after completing their program and passing the PTCB or NHA exam.

With a variety of options to choose from, tailored to your skills, this could be the first step in your pharmacy career. No matter which position you choose, you’ll be integral to the entire team—from customer service and clerical work to prepping and packaging medications, stocking pharmacy items and preparing prescriptions for shipping and delivery. This position – only applicable to Washington State – can help to prepare you for entry into our Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission (PQAC) approved technician on-the-job training program.

Learn how to apply to become a Pharmacy Assistant or Pharmacy Technician here.

At Consonus Pharmacy, you can pursue order management, fulfillment, packaging, billing, support center and delivery positions—each one just as important as any other. We provide cross-training to ensure our technicians can support other departments and receive the preparation for future roles.

Learn how to apply to become a Pharmacy Assistant or Pharmacy Technician here.

As a pharmacist, you could be joining Consonus straight out of pharmacy school, or perhaps from a retail or hospital setting. Whatever your background, you’ll be central to many of our processes, and involved in compliance with pharmacy laws, supervising staff, conducting medication assessments, and assisting in order processing. Like all our positions, it can also be a path to important leadership roles.

As a nurse or pharmacist consultant, your role will be supporting the facilities we serve, and helping make sure prescriptions are administered safely. It’s one of the most vital roles at Consonus, as you’ll be a friend, educator and resource, interacting with facility staff face to face, building relationships and helping them maintain regulatory compliance.

Leadership positions are logical next steps for Consonus employees in every position, from entry level to pharmacist or consultant. Consonus loves to promote from within, and if you express the desire and have shown the initiative and potential, we’ll invest in getting you there. Our leaders frequently become nationally known experts, authors, conference speakers and advisors on topics such as Lean Management, pharmacy strategy, regulatory compliance, system development and patient safety.


This is our management bootcamp, and is designed especially for “new to Consonus” leaders, or others who are moving up in the organization from entry roles. Each participant will be steeped in the Marquis and Consonus way of doing things, and hear what’s most important to company leadership. The program takes place one day per week for five weeks, and a candidate is nominated by their supervisor. It’s another way we’re setting up promising leaders to be successful.


The Ascend program was created to nurture established and rising leaders who are growing beyond their current roles. It’s an engaging 12-month program, once a candidate is nominated by their supervisor and accepted, and expectations are high. The curriculum details important leadership concepts and applies them to the practical challenge of leading people and managing a business, with the end goal of preparing you to lead organizational change.