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Why did you become a therapist? We’re guessing you gave it plenty of thought, and had some very intentional reasons behind your choice. Maybe you were looking for optimal life/work balance, and opportunities for growth. Or a diverse team that would accept you, support you and welcome you. Or perhaps it was simply a burning desire to achieve great therapy outcomes, use the latest tools and modalities and make life a whole lot better for people.

Were those your motivations? If so, Consonus is your perfect fit—a remarkable gathering of kindred spirits and accomplished professionals. It’s the optimal setting to unleash your professional potential and live out your personal mission.

Occupational Therapist

Through the expertise and motivational skills of our occupational therapists (OTs), patients work to regain the function needed for a life well lived. OTs conduct detailed assessments of impairments and functional deficits to establish an evidence-based roadmap for treatment. Carefully designed therapy spaces closely simulate the challenges a patient could face when going back home, and OTs help ensure the home environment is safe for that return.

I became an Occupational Therapist because I enjoy creating relationships with patients that are built on respect and ultimately getting them back to what they love doing.”

—Consonus Occupational Therapist

  • Focus on designing a “just right” challenge
  • Kitchens and other home-like therapy spaces
  • Cutting edge technology, including OmniVR and OmniCycle
  • Multi-surface outdoor therapy courtyard

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Helping patients return to their highest level of function—and back home, if possible—is the goal of occupational therapy assistants (OTAs). They carry out evidence-based treatment plans as outlined by the supervising therapist, and collaborate weekly with the patient and therapist. Unlike the brief patient interactions typical of other settings, OTAs are able to build meaningful relationships that often last long after therapy concludes.

I am empowered daily to do the right thing for my patient first. It feels good to say confidently that I am here to help, no matter what.”

—Consonus Occupational Therapy Assistant

  • Same clinical training as our occupational therapists
  • Collaborative approach with supervising therapist and patient
  • Technology partner Accelerated Care Plus

Physical Therapist

With a mission to help those they serve overcome obstacles and live their lives to the fullest degree possible, our physical therapists (PTs) assess patients, design plans of care and deliver evidence-based treatment. They’re also enthusiastic cheerleaders, building rewarding relationships and helping highly motivated and incredibly grateful patients achieve goals they never dreamed possible.

I became a Physical Therapist because I have always had the desire to help others regain movement and make a positive impact in how they live their active lives.”

—Consonus Physical Therapist

  • Evidence-based, data-driven treatments
  • State-of-the-art therapy gyms
  • Technology partner Accelerated Care Plus
  • Collaborative team environment

Physical Therapist Assistant

Driven by deep respect for seniors and a desire to help them live the best rest of their lives, our physical therapist assistants (PTAs) use the latest tools and modalities to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Working with the supervising therapist and following the evidence based plan of care, they develop a rewarding connection to those they serve—one difficult to achieve in other therapy settings.

I am inspired daily to connect with my patients and help them feel heard and important. It’s rewarding to assist them in improving their quality of life through rehab.”

—Consonus Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Same clinical training as our physical therapists
  • Collaborative approach with supervising therapist and patient
  • Cutting edge technology from Accelerated Care Plus

Speech Language Pathologist

Working with their physical and occupational therapist colleagues, our speech language pathologists (SLPs) assess and treat patients with deficits including dysphagia, cognition and speech. They help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, stroke or other conditions strengthen muscles and improve swallowing, often reconnecting them to some of life’s greatest joys—including the ability to once again speak to loved ones and safely enjoy the foods they love.

The impact that I get to have on someone’s life each day is incredibly rewarding. From the small accomplishments to the big wins, it all brings me joy.”

—Consonus Speech Language Pathologist

  • VitalStim modality from Accelerated Care Plus, with free certification available
  • ASHA’s Clinical Fellowship Year certification candidates welcomed
  • Advanced vent training for Nevada SLPs


Consonus therapy teams are led by the Rehab Director (RD)—a therapist who has demonstrated exemplary skills both in working with patients and in leadership. The RD is responsible for meeting overall financial, clinical, compliance and customer service goals. Their success is aided by tools and resources such as available Area and Clinical Directors, clear policies and procedures, marketing and IT support and customized NetHealth software.

My mission as a Leader here at Consonus is to help new team members to feel comfortable, encourage tenured employees to push themselves further, and to support all Therapists as they continue to provide excellent Therapy to our patients.”

—Consonus Rehab Director

  • Nurture collaborative team environment
  • Reinforce mission and values of Consonus
  • Aided by corporate support team, available 24/7

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Speech Language Pathologist


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Technology and Innovation

Our success is due not just to our investment in tools, training and technology, but in our people.”

—Tracy Fritts, PT, VP of Quality and Outcomes

The reputation for exceptional quality Consonus has earned over the past 20-plus years starts with an absolute commitment to being the best, and investing in the technology and people that requires.

Our long-time partnership with Accelerated Care Plus, the nation’s leading rehab solutions provider, gives our therapists access to state-of-the-art equipment, including OmniVR, OmniCycle, OmniVersa, and OmniSWD, and many other cutting-edge modalities. For each of these tools, Consonus and ACP have co-developed therapist training programs that are proprietary to Consonus and unavailable elsewhere.

We are partnered with Net Health for our therapy-related software needs, and have customized the platform to efficiently conform to our clinical program guidelines and practices

Consonus has a network of leaders who are intimately involved in supporting therapy operations at every level. Each Rehab Director is aided by an Area Director who oversees only a small group of facilities, and enables direct communication, brainstorming, and problem solving, usually during a weekly check-in.

A group of highly-trained Clinical Directors sort through the endless updates in regulations and the latest evidence-based best practices, taking the time to understand and streamline policy changes in order to leave therapy teams free to do what they do best—care for and heal patients.

To deliver the most effective therapy targeted specifically to individual needs, Consonus has created three programs—Stand Strong, Chronic Conditions, and Cognitive Disabilities. Stand Strong is a comprehensive balance assessment and treatment program which aims to reduce the incidence of falls and injury. The Chronic Conditions program gets therapists proactively involved in helping the patient take charge and control disease processes such as heart failure, COPD, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. The Cognitive Impairment program allows therapists to help identify a patient’s remaining abilities and potential within the levels of cognitive decline.

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    Welcome! By connecting to Consonus, you’re getting access to the insider scoop about the industry, leading technology, Consonus’ culture and job opportunities. It is a great way for us to get to know each other and stay in touch in the future.

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