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Invested in Your Growth and Success

When you choose to join us at Consonus, you can count on one thing for certain—we’ll be taking a very intentional interest in your growth and long-term career goals, and will make sure you have access to every opportunity. We believe that by nurturing your professional dreams and passions, you’ll provide even better therapy to seniors, and will be ideally suited in the future for higher level positions and responsibility. Our leaders are exceptional at identifying strengths and investing in potential. In fact, many of them benefited from the mentorship they themselves received, and have now worked their way up to the highest levels of the organization.

Your Journey Starts Here

Consonus is one of the few companies that offers internal programs for development to give our employees access to the people, technologies and pathways that will prepare them to maximize their strengths. There’s a lot of opportunity here if you’re willing to simply take advantage of the myriad ways we’ll help you succeed.

Consonus offers clinical rotations in all the major rehab disciplines, including physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, occupational therapist, occupational therapist assistant and speech-language pathologist. Our Clinical Coordinator has designed a program specifically to give students exposure to the necessary skills, treatments and practices associated with skilled nursing or sub-acute settings. They will also have access to all evidence-based programs and training in which their mentor participates. For further information, email our program coordinator at

To support and invest in your success, your rehab director will train you on things like policies and procedures, best practices, documentation, and using the Net Health system, and you’ll be paid from the very beginning. Training will continue one time a month for the next 90 days, all leading up to your one-year performance evaluation.

If you’re a new grad, you’ll be part of a tailored mentorship program, and will be assigned to a lead clinician and assessed on your competencies. Our investment in mentoring and supporting every therapist in every way possible is simple—we hope you’ll stay with Consonus for a good long while, and maybe even be a mentor yourself someday.

Besides routine free clinical training through ACP and Consonus, we offer an annual continuing education allowance and access to our on-line university training. Additional internal education is always provided as necessary based on industry changes and advancements, and any new Consonus program comes with its own training module. As you look down the road to future aspirations, don’t forget that lifetime $25,000 education benefit that can help you pursue advanced career goals.

Our rehab directors (RDs) are not only responsible for financial and clinical outcomes, but are the face of Consonus at each facility. That’s why we invest heavily in developing their leadership skills, mentoring them and supporting their success. New RDs spend two full days in training at the home office in Portland, Ore., and also participate in other local and regional training events. An annual meeting of all Consonus RDs is an opportunity to promote our culture, celebrate achievements and provide critical updates in a constantly changing regulatory and payment environment. We’re also very intentional about succession planning, and develop an assistant RD in every facility who’s ready to step to the leadership position whenever necessary.

At Consonus, we believe strongly in identifying potential leaders and promoting from within. We’re always looking for those who have the required skill sets and interest in advancing to positions such as Assistant Rehab Director, Rehab Director, Area Director, Regional Vice-President of Operations and Vice-President of Rehab Operations. For those with particular aptitude on the clinical side, potential opportunities include Lead Clinician, Clinical Director or  Vice-President of Quality and Outcomes. Essential traits we look for in leadership positions at Consonus include positivity, passion and flexibility, along with demonstrated clinical and operational knowledge and the ability to innovate and embrace constant change.


This is our management bootcamp, and is designed especially for “new to Consonus” leaders, or others who are moving up in the organization from entry roles. Each participant will be steeped in the Marquis and Consonus way of doing things, and hear what’s most important to company leadership. The program takes place one day per week for five weeks, and a candidate is nominated by their supervisor. It’s another way we’re setting up promising leaders to be successful.


The Ascend program was created to nurture established and rising leaders who are growing beyond their current roles. It’s an engaging 12-month program, once a candidates is nominated by their supervisor and accepted, and expectations are high. The curriculum details important leadership concepts and applies them to the practical challenge of leading people and managing a business, with the end goal of preparing you to lead organizational change.

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    Welcome! By connecting to Consonus, you’re getting access to the insider scoop about the industry, leading technology, Consonus’ culture and job opportunities. It is a great way for us to get to know each other and stay in touch in the future.

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